How To Order

  • You can order for any size group 5, 10, 50, 500, etc
  • Choose from a list of sandwiches, salads, and soups. If you want to order a soup not listed on the form, we need 5 days advance notice so we can add it to the kitchen production schedule.
  • You choose how much to spend per head.


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Catering Menu

Wedding Catering

We cater weddings nearly every month. If you don't have a gigantic wedding budget but you want some good options, call our catering team to ask about what we can do and most importantly, how low the typical cost is per guest. 

Top Reasons Why We Should Cater Your Wedding:

‚Äč1. Cost. We're way less expensive than a full service caterer. One of the biggest reasons why brides use us is because you can still feed 250 people for a reasonable amount of money.

2. Less formal. Our service is designed for less formal receptions with between 25 to 500 guests. We bring amazing food and help set up the buffet line.

3. Healthy, delicious and filling soups, salads & sandwiches designed to accommodate any dietary requirements.